Janniek is a serial entrepreneur who truly believes in the modern age, the digital world. His companies are all based and built with the internet and he helps his clients to scale their business and increase their ROI immediatley by using his proven advertising and growth strategies on the socials, Facebook & Instagram.

With 7+ years of learning and experiencing countless digital marketing techniques, Janniek has finally developed skills and tactics to gain massive money-results for his clients and his own web based ventures over and over again. 

What Can He Do For You?

✔️ He provides a done-for-you strategy for you as a business owner to optimize and automate the lead generation process, he aims to generate high value leads on auto pilot day in and day out. This allows you to spend more time on building your business rather than spending this time in your business.

✔️ He makes sure that the lead generation strategy they use for your business is completely tailored and personalized to your target market, this makes it possible to scale your business to new highs.

He has experience in working with companies in different branches and from different sizes. Currently he's specialized in optimizing the digital marketing for gyms, real estate companies, car dealerships, daycares and restaurants.

Janniek Bastiaan